Board of Education

Board of EducationThe Scottsbluff Public Schools' Board of Education consists of six highly dedicated community members who donate significant time and energy for the sake of students and a quality educational program. These positions are uncompensated and require a lot of work beyond the monthly meetings that the public sees. Board members review extensive background documents in monthly packets and committee materials. They have ongoing conversations with their constituents about what is on others' minds as well as soliciting input on upcoming decisions. They serve at the request of the community as representatives at special events and speakers at local assemblies. They stay current on educational literature, relevant news events and the reams of performance data and communications that board service requires. They serve as members of school work groups and Notecommittees. They attend multiple school events, tour buildings, meet with the Superintendent and other administrators and teachers and communicate through scores of phone calls and emails every school year. They attend local and regional seminars and conferences to remain informed and respond to media questions and requests for interviews. Meanwhile, they typically hold full-time jobs of their own as well as participate in other community and charitable service work. They represent all walks of life in our community and do all they can to champion the needs of children and help to lead a strong, responsive educational system.